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Help Wild Animals

The actions of humans have created many threats to wild animals. As human populations increase, these threats multiply, leading to a fewer number of some species, and total extinction of others. All animals contribute to the ecology of the earth and are vital to its health and continuation.

Many wildlife species are threatened with extinction, and many critical wildlife habitats are being destroyed. The need for conservation was created by human beings. The problems are large and complex—requiring the combined efforts and cooperation of numerous groups, organizations and agencies around the world. But most importantly, preservation and protection of wildlife and their habitats starts with each individual human.

Together, we all play an important role in protecting wild animals and their homes. By joining a conservation organization, welcoming wildlife into your yard with native plants, reducing and recycling, refraining from using of herbicides and pesticides, and speaking out for wildlife and nature, you can help wild animals everyday.

Save The Earth

Wilderness or wildlands are natural places on our planet that have not been significantly modified by humans. These last, truly wild places that have not been developed with industry, roads, buildings and houses are critical for the survival of many plant and animal species. They also provide humans with educational and recreational opportunities, and are deeply valued for aesthetic, cultural, moral and spiritual reasons.

Some wildlands are protected, preserving natural areas for humans, animals, flora and fauna. Others are disappearing at alarming rates, and simply drawing lines around specific areas is not enough. All of our planet is intricately connected. What happens outside a specific wilderness area affects what happens inside it.

Many wildlife habitats have become fragmented due to human development. Without the protection of vast expanses of wildlands to meet the minimum requirements of the largest, most widely roaming members of the ecosystem, they may dwindle or vanish forever. The loss of any species effects the entire ecosystem.

Help Companion Animals

In a perfect world, animals would be free to live their lives to the fullest: raising their young, enjoying their native environments, and following their natural instincts. However, domesticated animals cannot survive "free" in our concrete jungles, so we must take as good care of them as possible.

People with the time, money, love and patience to make a lifetime commitment to an animal can make an enormous difference by adopting from shelters or rescuing animals from a perilous life on the street.

Help Farm Animals

Farm animals have unique personalities. They're fascinating creatures with the ability to love, form friendships, mourn, get angry and show a variety of other emotions. They are deserving of our respect and our compassion.

The consolidation of farms in recent years has radically altered the face of farming. Today more animals are being raised on less land, with profound effects on the animals, rural communities and the environment.

This shift in farming has been termed "industrial agriculture" or "factory farming," as thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of animals, are crowded into huge buildings with no access to the outdoors.

Factory farming is an extremely cruel method of raising animals, but its profitability makes it popular. Farm animals are sentient beings that experience all the same emotions we do. The best way to save animals from the misery of factory farming is to stop or reduce your consumption of meat, milk, cheese and eggs.

How To Help Animals

Around the world, individuals, groups and organizations are making a difference for animals and the planet every day. From saving a companion animal from cruelty, to saving an entire species from extinction, simple choices and actions that you can make will help save animals and the earth.

You can make a difference for animals by adopting an animal, recycling, choosing humane products, donating to a charity of your choice, distributing flyers and fact sheets, encouraging humane legislation, planting wildlife gardens, trapping and neutering feral cats, volunteering, and educating others about earth and animal issues. Together, our collective efforts to protect and preserve animals and the environment is making a difference.

Join the effort today; become an earth and animal advocate!

Get Active For Animals

Become An Earth & Animal Activist

An animal advocate is one who fights for animals to have the right to exist without the fear of being mistreated, exploited or exterminated. The welfare of animals is foremost in the mind of a genuine animal activist. Activists work to ensure that animals receive proper care, treatment and respect, and endeavor to create awareness among the public about animal exploitation and abuse issues.

Help Endangered Species

Extinction Is Forever

Tens of species are vanishing from the face of the Earth every day. Almost one third to one-half of all species could become extinct by 2050. Well over 900 plants and animals are endangered, and hundreds more are threatened. Many of the reasons certain animals are disappearing forever are because of human activities. The mnemonic HIPPO represents the five major causes of declining wildlife biodiversity: H - Habitat Loss; I - Invasive Species; P - Pollution and Pesticides; P - Population Growth (human) and the Pet Trade; O - Over-hunting and Over-collecting.

Kids Can Help Animals

There are many ways kids can help animals and the planet: recycling, reducing, reusing, creating space for wildlife, being a good companion animal guardian, reducing food waste, reducing water usage, reducing electric consumption, volunteering, donating, making compassionate choices, educating friends and family and much more!

Go Vegan!

For The Earth, Animals, Health

A vegan is someone who tries to live without exploiting animals, for the benefit of animals, people and the planet. Vegans refrain from consuming animal products, choosing instead from thousands of animal-free foods and products. Veganism is a philosophy, not a diet. This philosophy is the belief in the right of all sentient beings to be treated with respect, not as property, and to be allowed to live their lives. Choosing to live a life free from animal products means choosing a path that is kinder to people, animals and the environment.


To Help The Earth & Animals

Interested in making a difference for the planet and the animals that inhabit it? One of the best places to volunteer may be right near you. Whether you walk dogs at your shelter, stuff envelopes for an educational mailing, clean cages or assist with a fundraising event, you can make a difference in the lives of animals.

Preserve & Protect

Conservation is the protection of things found in nature, including species, their habitats and ecosystems. It encourages the sensible use of the planet’s natural resources so they do not go extinct, and promotes keeping the environment clean and healthy. The rapid decline of established biological systems around the world means that conservation biology is often referred to as a "Discipline With a Deadline" - we must act before it is too late.